Pediatrician Staff

Our Doctors:

4267 W Fond Du Lac Ave and 3440 South 27th Street

Our Philosophy:

We believe that children should remain healthy. We provide all preventive health care services geared for our Pediatric population. We promote breast feeding for our newborns, age appropriate vaccines, preventive health education to include diet,exercise and healthy habits for the older kids and adolescents.

At Pediatric Associates, we make every effort possible to care for an ill child and help the child get better. We provide excellent neonatal, pediatric and adolescent care and believe in spending time with our patients and their parents to discuss treatment options and provide health education.

“It is very satisfying to know that you have made a contribution to the quality of another person’s life.”

If a child is ill, We feel that he or she should be treated with compassion, caring and respect.